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Working with Kim was absolutely delightful!  She is not only an expert at what she does, but she brightens up a room with her personality and makes you feel like family.  We simply LOVE our home and our rental property!  

Our new home was probably double the space of our prior home.  Kim and her team helped map out how we would use the space.  Kim was excellent with using our previous furnishings and accessories throughout our new home.  She did not suggest just throwing out old and only getting new, which gave us the confidence that she treated our money as if it were hers.  What Kim was able to do was combine our old with new and make the home look seamless and, more importantly, BEAUTIFUL!  Her best qualities are that  she listens to her client’s wants and is then able to suggest and recommend based upon that feedback, choices that fit her client’s taste, leaving the ultimate decision to her client. 

I, in particular, love this approach, because it gives the client, me, the feeling that my input mattered and everything in our home is a reflection of me.

If you are looking for someone that listens, works hard to please, is organized, is able to give you in décor what you like, and is an absolute delight to work with (always has a smile on her face), I would recommend Kim without hesitation.   My family absolutely loves being home because it is not just a house, it is our very very lovely home.  -Oak Park Residential Client

CHILTON GRIFFITH was the ANSWER to all of my DESIGN NEEDS! My cafe lounge is sleek, cool, and sophisticated with all the special touches that make it unique and simple gorgeous. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kim's expertise for any commercial project.  -NYC Commercial Client

I had my new townhouse completely TRICKED OUT by KIM CHILTON GRIFFITH--I LOVE IT.  Her elegant design choices fit my taste perfectly.   -Gold Coast Residential client

Prior to hiring Kim I had a horrible first time experience with a designer where we had two different visions and instead of her embarrassing my vision she overly forced hers which led to me firing her at the beginning of our collaboration. At that time Kim came as a strong referral, and at our first meeting I started off skeptical due to my prior experience, but Kim quickly turned that around. Kim was very Professional, Engaging, Attentive to Details, an Incredible Listener, and asked great questions to get to know me, my style, my profession, my vision, my hobbies, and family values. Kim walked around to get a sense of the space in each room, asked more questions and start sharing ideas that would fit my vision. Then she put together a presentation which included detailed photos of my master bedroom, and I was impressed. In fact this was the first room in my condo she designed, and at the reveal I was lost for words and beyond excited because the room was so Sexy, Stunning yet masculine, Warm, and Relaxing, and I Absolutely loved it! Kim has a great and detailed eye, she is a sharp visionary, and very passionate about designing a space that is Beautiful, Elegant, and filled with elements of things that are important to you such as your style, hobbies, family values, and profession. Because I was so blown away at the reveal of the first room I trusted and gave Kim full control to do her thing and make Magic happen in every room. Because of Kim my home is Amazing, and I absolutely love everything and every space! I look forward to coming home every day, as well as entertaining Family and Friends. I am forever Grateful to Kim, and as I travel and buy other properties Kim will be the 1st person I call to create Magic  at every home and/or business I own!!!  -Hyde Park Residential client

I had the pleasure of working with Kim Chilton Griffith and I was not disappointed.  I have never used a designer before and to be honest I did not see the value in a designer but Kim completely changed my mind.  She is VERY PROFESSIONAL AND PLEASANT.  She presented her plan, which I absolutely loved, but was willing to make design changes, based on my ideas as well.  I would use her services again and recommend her to anyone in need of design help.  If you are looking for a professional, effiecient and stylish designer do not hesitate to call Kim.  -Beverly Residential client

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